Off-Season Skating Option

Interested in Figure Skating Lessons by our club coaches during the off-season? Inquire about skating lesson from our coaches using the Inquiry Form

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Parents Meeting

Date/Time: Sunday, December 17, 2022, from 4:30 – 5:15pm

Team Practice

Final session before holiday break will be on Thursday, December 22 from 4 – 5:30pm and 8-9pm.  We will resume after the new year on Thursday, January 5, 2023. 

Once again stressing the importance of attendance. Thursday sessions are available for skaters to improve skills aside from the team practice on weekends. Low attendance could put us at risk of losing the skating time reserved on this day. Additionally, this is FREE skating time. Please take advantage of this opportunity! Attendance is key to be able to reserve room for skaters to rest in between skating sessions. We’ll need a commitment of at least 10 skaters to attend Thursday sessions to reserve the room.

Finally, come January, members that are absent will not be allowed to perform solos during the end of season ice show. Please plan accordingly to attend practice so all the members can benefit. 

Holiday Potluck

The Holiday (New Year’s) Potluck is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, 2023, from 1-4pm. Set up will be from 1-2pm. Families should bring food no later than 2pm. 

Emma will distribute a sign-up sheet for potluck food items on/after December 21. 


Valentine’s Day fundraiser is tentatively Thursday, February 9 from 8-9pm to not interfere with regular practice time. Timing may be inconvenient for some folks, but families can vote on timing in next meeting. 

Additional fundraising is needed so that club can subsidize additional uniform items and costs associated with competitions. Families can encourage their friends and families to donate. Information on how to donate to the club will be provided in another e-mail.

U.S. Figure Skating (USFSA) Membership

Darcel and Jajaida have been working on USFSA requirements and Darcel will send documentation to USFSA on one of his days off. Darcel is working on confirming adult participants (at least 10 is required) to complete registration. 


Calendar is available on our website:

No practice scheduled from December 23, 2022, through January 1, 2023 and February 20, 2023 through February 26, 2023.

End of season show scheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2023. 

Practice will continue through March 12 but could be available through the end of March depending on rink availability and weather conditions. 


A reminder that skaters must wear uniform OR all black attire for practice. Families who ordered uniform early in the season and have not yet picked it up, please see Darcel or Yoo Mee. 

Families who want additional uniform items (example: hoodie, down jacket, etc) for their skaters must reach out to Darcel to get supplier contact information. Please note purchase of additional items will be at cost for families. Families will need to coordinate with supplier or others on payment for these items.

Parents/caregivers in the meeting agreed to use club reserves to purchase hoodie or down jackets for new skaters. 

Call for volunteers: 

We need parent volunteers on Thursday to help make hot chocolate and soup for skaters who will attend both practice sessions. 


  • Private coaching: Families interested in private coaching can see coaches. Prices vary depending on the coach. Speak to your skater’s coach for more information. 

  • Club photo: Darcel will contact photographer to schedule session. Likely will be scheduled for February 2023.

  • Ice Skates: We welcome ice skates’ donations and exchanges.  Families needing to donate or exchange ice skates See Darcel or equipment manager to see inventory.

Message from Darcel: Thank you all because we have a very good group of parents who help and volunteer their time, which is what makes our program successful. 

Next meeting scheduled will be on Sunday, January 8 at 4:30pm

Monday, November 21, 2022

Riverbank State Park Parents Meeting


Date: 9/17/2022

Time: 4:30 pm



Darcel - welcome to new season


Team Roster


·         41 kids have registered for the team this season – largest team yet, great work!

·         Introduction - new skaters

·         Most kids will be returning- we lost three skaters, but we gain, many new children.

·         New York USFSA discussion/information Darcel shared


Team name in FSA: Riverbank Figure Skating

Use link to Register/Renew:



Must do prior to start of season


Important Dates:


·         Start 11/5 - opening day (regardless of whether)


·         12/10 first ice show - holiday ice show Ice Theater of NY


·         Level testing- Perf March 11, 2023 @4pm




·         Any skater who wants to try on a sample uniform for sizing should see Darcel or Keisha today before or after meeting.

·         Darcel also expressed again that he would like to see everyone in uniform, skaters that have the jackets from last year they should wear them, and everyone should wear their Chole Noel team jacket.  At the very least they should wear all black—he needs us to look like a team.

·         Any changes should be communicated to Darcel, asap.


Uniform Size Submission:


Table blocked


Communication (Team)


1.       Communication- email group, Instagram and Facebook

2.       Email Communication – will still be the major mode of communication as Parents meeting will be scheduled every (2) weeks. – with alternating Saturday/Sunday schedule.

3.       We ask parents to register for the Remind Text App- as this link we allow for quick information to be share with the team.


Link is as follows to join group:


Introducing Past President- Jechul Wee


Election/Parent Volunteers (Season 2022-2023)


·         Head Coach- Rebecca Santiago

·         President- TBD

·         Vice President- TBD

·         Communications/Publicity Manager-Jajaida Gonzalez 

·         Equipment/Uniform Manager Keisha Bee

·         Travel Coordinator/Special Events Coordinator Yoo Mee Kim

·         Treasurer- Jasmine


Parent Liaisons with Coaches

·         Age Group Managers - Teen Skaters (14-19) Jennifer Matthews

·         Age Group Managers - Pre-Teen Skaters (10-13) Lisa Dutchover

·         Age Group Managers - Young Skaters (9 and Under) Filomena Califano



Extra Ice Time/schedule


Thursday - Angela

She will be returning 8 to 9

4 to 5:30 - need a coach volunteer

·         Off ice fitness—- Saturday Morning  (10am to 11am tentatively, pending Angela and interest)

·         Darcel expressed once again, skaters and parents need to make the effort to attend at least one of the extra ice sessions on Thursdays.

·         Darcel was clear that attendance needs to improve as he is making sure we are successful as a team, parents and skaters are encouraged to attend, as only 6 skaters came last week. —Darcel expressed this is unacceptable if we want to keep the ice time.



Parking Permits


-          Request must be sent by 9/30/2022 or you will not have a permit at the start of the season

-          Please send your license number to Darcel. The information was missing. 


Submission as of meeting:


Table Blocked


Parents Meeting- Minutes

Date: 11/19/2022 




·         42 Skaters totally enrolled 

·         Application for UFSA - has been submitted. 



·         Uniform —- still having issues with getting supplies for uniforms however expressed we should have by 12/9/2022

·         All parents are STRONGLY encouraged to tell their children to come to the team practice in uniform or dressed in all black- uniform is a team requirement.


Ice Show

·         Date: 12/10/2022

·         Flyer has been created- it is currently posted on the Ice Theater page

·         Raffle- making 5-6 bags to raffle plus wine from Harry

·         Any child missing show, need to talk to a Darcel and Rebecca 


Parents—- to bring donations for baskets on 12/4/2022 

Raffle tickets —- $5 per ticket 



1.      Spa Basket 

2.      Movie Night 

3.      Chocolate and Coffee 

4.      Toy Basket

5.      Family Game Night 

6.      Wine Date Night 

7.      Baking Basket 

8.      Lottery - basket 


Important Dates:

·         1/7/2022 Potluck - Holiday Event (brunch ) 

·         2/09/2022 -Valentine fundraiser  8-9pm 

·         Sharpening skates -Thursday morning only- reach out to Darcel.

·         No practice on thanksgiving - send notice 

·         No practice session on Thanksgiving weekend, skaters strongly suggested to come to public skate to practice.



Thursday, September 15, 2022

Team: Read the information below and complete the 2022-2023 season form.


All registered skaters for 2022-2023 Season should have received communications (via email, Facebook & Instagram Posts) about upcoming team meeting and required action items.  

September 17, 2022 @ 4:15 PM: The first team meeting & Potluck. We invite all member families to be represented there, so we can greet new members of the club, and elect board members for the 2022-2023 skating season. Please bring food and/or drinks you will share with the team.

Meeting Agenda
  1. Welcome
  2. Meet-and-greet New Members
  3. Season Overview & Schedule
  4. Confirm Uniform Style & Size
  5. Open Discussion: Volunteer Opportunities, Big Sister, Competition, FAQ
  6. Board Election* 

Complete the 2022-2023 Season Form (The link has been sent via email)The form includes (1) contact information, (2) uniform size, (3) board member sign-up, (4) parking permit info, etc. Please complete this form to streamline uniform orders before next Saturday. 
Pay for 2022-2023 Season–Complete your registration by paying for the season. The simplest way to make payment is to do it in person at the park. The park office will drop the registration if not paid in full. 

Become 2022-2023 club board members–Please help improve our club by running for the board. Our club has grown steadily over the years, and we believe there are more ways to create the best skating experience for all our skaters. The first step is to engage, share, and lead together throughout the season. You can sign up to become a board member using the 2022-2023 Season Form above. Join to make a difference. Thank You.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Skating Performance @ Sky Rink At Chelsea Piers


 Upcoming Skating Show: May 6 & May 7 At Chelsea Piers

Please chekc your email about additonal informaiton about the Home Season Performnaces by The Ice Theatre of New York.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Welcome! "Movie Night on Ice" Program and Lineup Is Online!

Welcome to "Movie Night on Ice"! 

 For the optimal experience, access the show program via Instagram Story (or highlight). From Our Club Instagram Homepage (, click on the logo or program highlight as shown below. 

For an extra fun, be a part of today's show by sharing and mentioning  us on Instagram (@riverbankfsc & hashtag #riverbankfsc) 

Trouble Access Instagram: See a PDF verson of today's program.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Join us on March 13, 2022 @ 4:30 PM ET

Join us on March 13th to see our figure skating team's performance! This year's theme is "Movie Night on Ice"! Follow us on our Facebook or Instagram for information about Raffle and the event Program. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

2021-2022 Begins This Weekend


Weather permitting, our season will start this weekend. This season, for up-to-date information & communication (e.g. Rink Open/Close Notice), please visit our Facebook Page: (Check latest skating hours & important notice about Covid-19 related guidance and rules)

Thank You