Thursday, December 6, 2018

Holiday Show + Group Photos + Update Your Information + Holiday Party


TODAY: (1) Please come to the rink by 2:45 PM ET (There has been a change: Originally we were planning for 2:15 PM). (2) Bring $8 for hats and scarfs.  (3) 23 skaters updated their directory information.  We are missing 12 skaters: Click here to update your info!

The following are Big Items to keep in mind for next 2 weeks.

Please be at the rink at 2:45 PM ET (NOTE: Changed from 2:15 PM) this Saturday. Darcel mentioned that it's going to be cold this Saturday, please bring blankets or other means to keep warm while waiting to get on the ice. Please see the following important notes from Abigail:
  • Please be at the rink no later than 2:45pm (NOTE: Changed from 2:15 PM)
  • Girls need to be dressed and ready by 3:00pm
  • Hair: two braids on the side
  • Make sure all undergarments are hidden. 
  • No socks; just tights
  • There shouldn’t be any kind of skirt or shorts under the fringe skirts.
IMPORTANT: Please take a few minutes to Click here and update your family directory information as soon as possible.

Please plan to pay Jennifer and Hakyung for the show materials. Jennifer and Kakyung will send exact amount that everyone owes.

 NEXT WEEKEND - Additional Information will be shared this weekend. Please plan to join our parent meeting where we will discuss these topics in detail.
  • Team Photos (December 16th) Please get ready to sign up to purchase group and individual photos. The cost is heavily discounted and club pays for some of the overall cost. 
  • Holiday Potluck (December 16th) Plan to bring food to share with the team on the 16th.