Saturday, December 22, 2018


From our family to yours, may your holidays be filled with much happiness & peace. It has been a pretty great season so far: the Christmas show was epic and the holiday potluck was amazing. Thank you for supporting our team with donations, making dresses for new skaters, and other thoughtful engagements.

As you might have noticed from our online planner, we don't have a scheduled parent meeting this weekend, so I wanted to send a note to wish all of you Happy Holidays and let you know what to expect in 2019:

  • The Valentine Day Fundraiser (February 14): Yoo Mee--Sooyoung's mom--created a very fun and nice looking poster for this event. 
  • The End of the Season Show (March 16): Our team will focus on preparing for the show starting in January. We will be pulling together Posters, flyers, and the program for the show in advance.
  • The End of the Season Ceremony/Season (March 17): Because the park Gym may still be under construction, we need to find a space to hold this event. Jennifer is actively looking at various options, but we will need to find & decide on a location soon. If you have venue ideas and options, let us know!
  • Private Lessons & Competition: Our team's private lesson information was shared with the coaches. To see our coaches bios, visit We will discuss next steps about competition in 2019. Abigail will send more information about private coaching options. Meanwhile, here is a draft guidelines to follow: 
    • The lesson price, schedule, and agreement are between you and individual coach. Riverbank State Park or its skating club board members are not responsible for the arrangement between you and coaches. 
    • IMPORTANT: Paid Private lessons cannot take place on our skating rink.  
    •  All lessons on Riverbank practice sessions must be scheduled with coaches in advance — there are no walk-on lessons. If you would to set up a private or semi-private lesson, please reach out at least 48 hours ahead of the session to inquire about availability, and the coaches will get back to you. 
    • Scheduled lessons need to be cancelled 12 hours in advance; late cancellations will be charged the full fee. 
    •  In the event that skater is late to the scheduled lesson, the lesson will end as scheduled. 
    • No more than two skaters are recommended in a lesson.
Lastly, there no team skating scheduled for next week (See our calendar for any changes), but feel free to come and skate during public skating sessions!